Chemica Product Range

Our products

Chemica has several decades of experience in manufacturing and distributing an extensive range of textile printing products for the sports and decoration markets.

We are a groundbreaking company that drives progress and are building on our reputation as an industry pioneer. We have been making 60-micron products for 10 years and were the first manufacturer to bring out a flex range for the fashion market.

This fashion range is evolving all the time - a recent valuable addition is a "3D" product that features the ability to retain its fantastic "3D" appearance after pressing.

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Our Printable medias

We have expanded our range in response to the rapidly growing printable media market. Our range currently encompasses entry-standard printables all the way to decorative media such as Glitter Print. These printables are continually tested to ensure flawless quality that is also user-friendly.

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The Oeko-Tex Label

Most of our products are certified with the Oeko-Tex® mark.

Oeko-Tex certification guarantees that products are harmless to health and are compliant with Class I and Class II of the Standard 100 tests. Oeko-Tex certified products can be worn next to the skin and are tested for the following substances:

  • formaldehyde,

  • heavy metals,

  • pesticides,

  • chlorophenols,

  • TBT compounds,

  • arylamine dyes,

  • PVC plasticisers.

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